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Madame Butterfly

Username: Madame Butterfly Domination
First name: Madame Butterfly
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Location: Kensington, Chelsea, West Bromptom
Height: 5'10"
Bust size: 34DD
Hourly rate: £250
Available for: Incalls & Outcalls
AdultWork profile: Yes
Website: Yes
Phone: 07821255190

About Madame Butterfly



I am a strict Mistress

I WILL NOT HAVE SEX OR ORAL SEX, if that is the service you are looking for, you are the WRONG page.
Please make a BOOKING REQUEST so we can leave each other a feedback

Please when you gonna make booking, leave little notice who are you,nationality,years old, suchs things like that becouse i love know about my clients.

I'm Madame Butterfly, I'm a natural redhead ..

I am Professional Dominatrix in London, I am demanding, authoritarian and sadistic... it is necessary that you have these three characteristics very clear in your mind when submitting to me. But in case you forget, it will be a pleasure to remember you.

Your desire to experience your most secret desires has brought you here. However, to have the honor of serving me, please be aware that I will always demand your utmost dedication and obedience. As well as your physical and/or psychological suffering, simply because it gives me pleasure. But not everything is thorny, like a good Queen, I know how to reward the deserving ones.

Here you can make this a massage on my feet or clean my bathroom, with what? That will depend... maybe it will be a form of punishment... and you will clean it with your tongue.

Come make your dream a reality🔥. Be it for 15 minutes or spend an overnight❤️🔥, your experience will be unique and unforgettable.

Consider yourself at the gates of my world, where the social conditionings of right and wrong do not exist and where pain and pleasure, light and shadow blend together. And everything happens according to my will.

I love the beginning and avoid the end. For me progress and evolution are almost tired ​​and that's the only way I can be the best version of myself at each new moment, because what's already finished loses its meaning. I carry this thought into my experience as a Domme, because just as I need to be on the move, those around me must also follow me.

Being Pro Domme makes a lot of sense to me precisely for this reason, it's intense, it's complex and through that I can facilitate access to the deepest parts of my needs and desires. There is no greater pleasure for me than extracting from my submissives what I need, creating my own satisfaction through my diverse interests and what they can, by consensus, offer me. I am proud of my ability, balance and discernment in the domain of body and mind, I am immensely grateful for the trust they place in me, as well as the admiration and dedication with which they apply to fulfill my command.

But make no mistake, it's not easy to please me. I am selective, demanding, sadistic and severe. To serve me, being under my control, guidance and protection, it is necessary to meet my criteria, after all, domination is a part of my life that I cherish and honor with all my being. My approach is much more emotional, I try to connect with each of my subs and fill in with their delivery. And at the same time, being able to lead your servitude with mere gestures, suggestions and subtle glances, gently bringing you to my pleasures.

Fetish, sexual desire in which the gratification depends to some extent on some ebjete or piece of clothing or body part share with me your particular fetish. the sexual pleasure you feel from being around, seeing u think about that particular thing and does it for you the sensation of a certain material the sensations, the smell.Madame Butterfly who loves to dive and explore the stimulus of stockings, knitted gloves tell me your extreme fixation on surgical ,rubber gloves leather satin inhale sweat or licking and sweat from armpits and feet What a need and desire to fulfill a serfetish is right here to create almostera to become familiar with .with this kind of Fem Dom.

Instead of focusing on pain or humiliation, allow yourself to focus on plesuare, the point is to make you feel safe to explore your tench torga and gain full control of your mind and body through seduction and manipulation.

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Madame Butterfly of London
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