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Username: Male escort for women ladies and couples
First name: Dan
Gender: Male
Age: 49
West Midlands
Area: Staffordshire
Location: Stoke on Trent
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 11st
Hourly rate: £100
Available for: Incalls & Outcalls
AdultWork profile: Yes
Website: Yes
Phone: 07808855647

About Danatyourservice

Male Escort for women ladies and couples across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Male Escort Located in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. I’m Dan A Male Escort for women… A Male Escort for Ladies… A Male Escort for Couples…A Male Companion… A Male Gigolo what ever other names you call Male Escorts these days.. The first question a woman always asks me is how did I become become a Male Escort, Well I’ve been entertaining Women and Couples for the past 15 years now, that can be for Fun, pleasure and Enjoyment or trying new sexual life experiences. But their are lot’s of couples who are totally in love with each other but need something new and exciting in their sex life because lets face it having sex with the same person can get a bit miserable, now that can be because of children or marital problems, intimacy as in sex for what ever reason, not talking the man has sexual problems and can not perform sexually in the bedroom, one partner is more older or younger, but the woman is still very much sexually intimate and active, yes women miss that intimacy part of a relationship and it leads to all sorts of problems as a Couple so how do you solve that problem. This is what i do as a Male Escort and companion, help Women, Ladies and Couples get through your difficult times. Women feel more isolated than men she won’t tell her friends or the people she loves, she has too put this big front on that everything is happy and sweet when it’s not, and yes that breaks my heart…..So Let me solve this problem for you.

I can be Your friend, Your Helper, Someone you can talk to, Your secret agent, I can be anything you want…Life is too short so pick up the phone and call me.

Remember this please…. I’m Always here, you need me you call me – 24 / 7 – Life Is Short, so Call Me.

Look forward to hearing from you soon…


Help with relationships.
Private and confidential.
Help, advice and guidance over the phone
Help with separation and divorce.
Help with sex

Contact anytime by phone on the number above

Contact Name - Dan

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Danatyourservice of Staffordshire
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