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Fanny Essex Escort

Username: Fanny
First name: Fanny
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Location: Rayleigh
Height: 5'5''
Bust size: 32D
Hourly rate: £150
Available for: Incalls & Outcalls
AdultWork profile: Yes
Website: n/a
Phone: n/a

About Fanny Essex Escort

Feedback from clients is at the bottom of my profile (AW's feedback system deactivated with Covid).

This is a very comprehensive profile which will cover most questions you may have. But please don't hesitate to ask me further questions or submit requests for things not mentioned below.

This is essentially a Sex Menu to give you free rein within my "comfort zone" ... you won't have to second-guess what's ok and what isn't. It's written down black on white, just pick and choose!

*About the Experience*

I'm a 5'5" tall, petite French brunette who has lived in the UK for 15 years.

Fanny is my real middle name. 35 years old milf.

I'm the girlfriend of your dreams, a sweet real person who is sexy, kinky and naughty as fuck.

I'm a real woman with natural beauty, genuine naughtiness, and a love for men, not a doll with fake boobs, loads of makeup, who fakes pleasure. I could be the girl working at your office, or you may bump into me at the supermarket, or on a country walk.

I'm available for incalls and outcalls. Incalls are at my own large 4-bedroom detached house surrounded by woodland and with no-one overlooking into the indoor/outdoor living space. It's a true woodland retreat with your unique luxury escort providing a true girlfriend experience and more, located just 45-min from Liverpool Street.

To join my special Illustrated Naughty Diary, with hundreds of pics/vids ranging from Erotica to Hardcore Porn, as well as secrets and insights into my outrageous sex life, head to O. Fans, FannyEssex $9.99/month all unlocked on main page, no hidden fees. Link above.

I'm single. Escorting is a life choice for me. I lived like an escort before becoming one, so income isn't my main drive. My genuine love for men is.

You deserve the Experience you have always wanted and this is what I want to give you.

I love men, their personalities, I embrace their needs, I like to look after my men. I'm very cute and wifey, extremely kinky and love being submissive. I love meeting new people, and doing fun activities. Laughing and sex are the best therapies!

I have a bachelor's degree and I have always been a self-employed entrepreneur doing various things. I am definitely not your usual escort and I'll be just yours!

Discreet location, tucked out the way, easy parking, shower and towels provided. It will be just you and me at my house, no one else staying.

*Attitude/ sex style*

My natural attitude when it comes to sex is to be ultra submissive, receiving domination from you. This is the type I enjoy the most.

However I can also "make love", it's not my favourite style, but I like it.

I'm not normally a domme, but I can give it a go if you request.

*Sexual fun included*

/Oral type stuff/
Deep throat, cum over chest/back/face, 69, face sitting, waking up to oral sex (giving), ice cubes play

All positions including doggy, tit fucking, play with toys, anal sex (at my discretion), anal play (receiving, at my discretion), rimming (receiving, giving at my discretion)

/Hand stuff/
Fingering, making me squirt, hand relief, watch me masturbate my clitoris with my rampant rabbit toy

/Dominant/submissive stuff/
Male authority, throwing me around, pinning me down, ordering me around, pulling my hair, hitting me with your cock (face/body), fucking straight away no talking, rough sex, obedience training, spitting (body, and mouth/face at my discretion),
spanking (mild to medium), bare bottom spanking (mild to medium), slapping my face (mild, no marks!), making me crawl on my knees while pulling my hair, making me do things, calling me names (slut, bitch, whore), being called a good girl, held by the throat with hand or belt (mild to medium - at my discretion),

/Sweet things/
French kissing, talking dirty, neck kissing/touching, morning sex

/Fantasies and some fetishes (just ask)/
Foot fetish (receiving), Blindfold, Sex outdoors (my decking or garden overlooking the woodland), Roleplay (male master/slave, housewife fingering on the kitchen island or while cooking...etc...and other roleplays...)
Human furniture

*Toys available to use*
10" dildo
8" rampant rabbit vibrator
Cock extender adds 3 inches (replaces a condom)
Small vibrating butt plug
Leash and collar with nipple clamps
Ball gag
Sex Swing (indoors)
Real wooden swing (indoors)
Kitchen island

*Outfit choices*
/For me/
Basically just say what you would like but some options are:
-Fully naked
-Just underwear
-Nighty/babydoll type lingerie
-Waist corset with tits out, or with a shirt under the corset covering tits
-Full length corset covering tits
-Normal clothes
-Sexy dress
-Cute skirt and a top

And then...
High heels/ Suspenders and stockings
No underwear option

Also let me know how you would like my make up. Light, heavy, no lipstick....etc...

/For you/
Anything you like but feel free to wear whatever turns you on, if for instance wearing a suit turns you on....etc...


My safe word is "too much", and I will not accept you going beyond that. If in deep throat then I can't use my safe word so I'll need to be able to pull out when I need to.

NO penetration without a condom, NO anal to vagina with the same condom/finger (you must change condom/change or clean finger), NO clit/pussy spanking, NO pain,
NO clothes ripping / NO going past my safe word / NO face or neck marks

Items from the Sexual fun Extras list need to be discussed beforehand due to the extra cost (list further down).

*Health note*
Please reschedule if you have any symptoms of a cold, sore throat, cough....etc...(covid or other)
I confirm that I do not have any covid symptoms myself, and no one I have been with has had either.

Also note that I pay particular attention to my own hygiene and self-care, and expect you to do the same. Wash your hands before touching my bits. Shower facilities and towels provided, just ask.

Do not go from anal to vaginal with the same condom or finger. It's ok to go from vaginal to anal with the same condom or finger. Please wash up/change condoms if going from anal to vaginal.

*Other incall fun included *

Lapdancing, pole dancing, belly dancing, body massage, head massage, genuine gfe, cuddles, resting your head on me, chatting, watching TV on the projector (porn or else), watching erotic photos and videos of me, drinking/smoking..., poi-spinning lesson, body paint (receiving and you bring the paint).

You can expect home-cooked meals and breakfast with the birdies if you are booking me for periods of 4+ hours.

*Outcall fun suggestions*

I love activities. I live a 10-min drive from the seafront and know a lot of gorgeous river, coastal or woodland walks. I love many indoor and outdoor activities and have tried most at least once, from trekking, to kayaking, sailing, go-karting, scuba diving....

I am very well travelled (40+ countries) and have done all crazy activities such as shark cage diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, eating unusual food.... I love trying everything at least once, whatever this may be.

I also would love to go to night outs with you (restaurant, theatre...)

*Fees and availability*


Incalls and Outcalls are the same price, but outcall is a minimum of 3 hours.
I tend to mostly do longer sessions.

2 hours £275 (incall only)
3 hours £400
4 hours £500
6 hours £660
10 hours £1,000

Short overnight
7.5 hours fun + 8 hours sleep, (typically 7pm till 10.30am next day) £800
With evening fun, cooked dinner, 8 hours sleep, morning sex, and breakfast.

Full overnight
12.5 hours fun + 8 hours sleep, (typically 2pm till 10.30am next day) £1,300
With afternoon and evening fun, cooked dinner, 8 hours sleep, morning sex, and breakfast.

Short breaks/holidays (48 hours or more)
capped at £800 for each 24-hour period started + you need to cover all expenses, food/travel/sleeping/activities we do

Payment in cash due on arrival.
For bigger bookings, I may require a deposit on booking.


You will typically need to book 3-4 weeks in advance to get any availability, or secure your own weekly/fortnightly/monthly slot so you get priority in my diary.
I do get the odd cancellation here and there, so it's always worth getting on my reserve list too for sooner bookings.

And to join my special Illustrated Naughty Diary, with hundreds of pics/vids ranging from Erotica to Hardcore Porn, as well as secrets and insights into my outrageous sex life, head to O. Fans, FannyEssex $9.99/month all unlocked on main page, no hidden fees. Link above.

Mondays all day and night
Tuesdays all day and night
Wednesdays all day up until 12pm
Thursdays 11.30am-3.30pm
Fridays 11.30am-3.30pm
Saturdays from 7pm onwards
Sundays all day and night

New clients, I will ask you to send me a photo and I will meet you in person (or video call if you aren't local) in a public area near Rayleigh a few weeks before our booking is due. We can have a 10-min chat (free meeting).

*Sexual fun Extras (to be discussed beforehand)*

Double bath £15/FREE in 4+hours bookings

Fisting (I can typically take way past the wrist, very intense and I love it and often squirt with it!!) Can also do fisting while having anal penetration. £50/FREE in 4+hours bookings

Strong spanking/whipping/bare bottom spanking which will induce some bruising (receiving) £150

Bondage (handcuffs, tying up...) Once you become a regular client and I have had several bookings with you bondage would become FREE, but for new clients extra is £100 (I will be paying someone to be on call and check on me/my safety, by phone, half way through and at the end of our session that's why).

Consensual nonconsent play £100 (I will be paying someone to be on call and check on me/my safety, by phone, half way through and at the end of our session)

Sex in public or with small/medium risk of being caught (countryside/woodland/dogging...) £200

Taking erotic/porn photos/videos, FREE if you don't want the files/ £50 if you want the files for your private use/ files FREE in 4+hours bookings, strictly for your private use only (no publication), I would edit the content (hide your face if on camera), and use the content for my sites (onlyfans, AW...). These will be taken on my phone and then I will send them to you.

Photographer/cameraman, I can arrange a friend (not professional photographer) to take photos/ videos during our session, £50/hour, on top of the £50 extra for taking pics/vids. (I can also arrange for a professional photographer if required but fees TBC)

*Unusual extras*

"Drilldo" penetration (as shown in my videos). £80 for my carpenter friend to do it and you watch, or £120 if you do it. Dildo on a reciprocating saw, Flexvolt, 54v portable tool, 3,000 strokes per minute at full speed.

Squirting lesson from "Captain", he will show you how to make a girl squirt, he is the best, very friendly and easy-going! £100 for the half hour

*Group Sex extras*


Based on a 2-hour session I would charge my usual £275 for you +£50 extra per extra person involved.

-Threesome: you are a couple and want to hire just me, my fees will be £325, and that's all.
-Threesome: you are a guy and want to hire me + a guy, my fees will be £325, and the guy will probably be around £150 depending on who you book, so you are looking at about £475 total.
-Threesome: you are a guy and want to hire me + another girl, my fees will be £325, and the other girl will probably be between £200/400 depending on who you book, so you are looking at about £525/725 total.
-Foursome: you are a couple and want to hire me + a guy, my fees will be £375, and his fees will be around £150, so you are looking at about £525
-Gangbang: you want to hire me for a group of mates, my rates are £1,000 for between 3 to 10 guys


I often work with a couple (Jessie Mac and The Captain, as seen in my Halloween MMFF videos) who can be booked together or separately, good-looking, friendly, easy-going, in their early thirties. If you want group sex with me and my friends Jessie Mac and The Captain, here are their special fees for when they work with me: both of them £325 2 hours, just Jessie Mac £300 2 hours, just The Captain £150 2 hours.

All group sex can include DP, TP, DVP, bukkake, role play scenarios...etc...

*Information about you*

If I have not met you yet it would be good to have a bit of information about what you would like to spend your time with me doing, things that you like, and a couple of photos. This is all kept confidentially.

If you are both new or regular, do let me know if there is anything I should be aware of (injury somewhere, shyness....etc...), anything new that I don't already know about...

This is all just to help me plan and be the best I can be for your needs and wishes.

*Misc information*

I have one pet, a cat.
I socially drink and smoke, but can go without for days and weeks.
My pubic hair is shaped, like a line an inch wide.
I don't mind if you shave, trim or not. I like hairy chests and beards.

*Clients' Feedback*

I have been an escort for 5 months. AW's current online booking and feedback facilities have been disabled because of the current covid situation, so I have not been able to receive feedback through the site itself. So my clients send me feedback via messaging and I copy/paste it onto here.

"Well what can I say but wow.... just WOW! I almost don’t want to write this, I’d love to keep Fanny busy by myself but frankly if I could afford to I’d probably be dead in months! This woman is incredible and I mean that most sincerely! Everything on the likes list is accurate and she genuinely enjoys her work! She’s far and away the most sexy, classy, interesting, passionate, adventurous and sexy (did I mention sexy lol) woman I’ve ever met and I know all the reviews say it but if you like the look of her in the pictures I promise you, while the pictures are accurate, she’s better looking in reality, this woman oozes sex appeal! Every time I see her she exceeds expectations and I always leave feeling like I’m walking on air but wanting more!
Do not mistake her for one of the revolving door type places, you won’t get an appointment on the day. You may have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment but I promise she is well worth the wait! I warn you now though she is incredibly addictive! I’m 4 appointments in and have a regular slot now, I’m sure I’m not alone there and I’m not giving it up lol! Treat this lady well and she’ll treat you better! If you don’t you might have me to answer to lol!" November2020/AW/Talentedjoe

"10/10 Simply put, the best escort there is. Great communication, we met nearby for a quick chat. Very welcoming and made to feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. Her location is very discreet and great that the outdoor space is able to be used. Fanny is absolutely stunning, the pictures are very real but she looks even better in person. The session was great from start to finish, She genuinely seems to enjoy the time herself. Can’t wait to make another booking, will be spending 2 hours next time."
July2020/AW/ bonerfide1211

"Fanny is super-organised, brilliant company and unbelievably sexy.
Her organisation skills are like nothing I have ever seen before - her communications beforehand were so good I felt like we were old friends before we had ever met!
Our meeting was amazing. I absolutely loved Fanny’s company and I can’t believe how sexy she is - her face, her body and her mind. And sex with Fanny was quite literally the best I have ever had. I’m not overstating things here - she’s astonishingly good in bed (and everywhere else!), with just the right balance of GFE, submission and a willingness to do pretty much anything to satisfy. Fanny is an absolute diamond!" October2020/AW/silver-tongue

"Fanny is a wonderful hostess. From the moment I arrived 3pm Saturday, until the moment I left 11am Sunday I was standing to attention for her. It was a lot of everything, a whirlwind of carnal pleasure. All men like to enjoy a good breakfast, with fanny the pre-breakfast eating is orgasmic and the scrambled eggs were pretty fantastic as a second course! I still get hard thinking about everything. Hopefully a rematch soon, maybe with her friend?" December2020/AW/Squadronleader

"Fanny is absolutely stunning and pictures don’t do her justice. I was made to feel welcome from start to finish and offered a chat and a drink after. Not once did she clock watch, our time together flowed and felt like a genuine connection.
Communication with Fanny was easy and never a issue. She was easy to talk to and always replied and always on time.
Her house is stunning - spotlessly clean and tidy and I was able to use the bathroom to freshen up before and after.
She is addictive and you will want more and more of her. I would love to go into details about our time together but think that should stay between us
She is that good, I’ve already meet her 3 times and can’t wait to go back for more x x" November2020/AW/MWood0510

"I picked the hottest day to meet the hottest woman I have ever met and had the hottest liaison ever. Exceeded expectations intellectually and aspirations physically." August2020/AW/Sd911

“Even the location is sexy! Lovely clean house, set in woodland. Fanny herself is stunning. She greeted me in her clean and tidy house wearing corset and stockings. Money done, she gyrates provocatively around her pole and lap dances to set the mood.
This girl loves to be submissive! Hair pulling whilst she took my cock down her throat in the lounge, spanking on the balcony, oral on her beautiful pussy on the kitchen island. Finally, in to the bedroom for toys and more glorious gagging on my cock. When I came she took every last drop. An incredible couple of hours.” July 2020/AW/nickyf

"what a great fantastic lady I cant say enough good things about our meet . we had a great time together she is a very hot women I have met several ladies in the past but this one is special one of the best, I cant recommend her enough." July2020/AW/alpha6

"I have had two sessions with Fanny so far, including an overnight booking, and have already booked another 3 for the months to come. I can’t get enough of this elegant , erotic and intoxicating lady. Adventurous , and sexy, beautiful inside and out. Unique, wonderful , probably the best escort out there. I’ll be back 😎" September2020/AW/AndyJames2

"Great communications and a wonderfully accommodating model and a pleasure to work with - gives her all to get the right shot and highly recommend her - cant wait for our next shoot" October2020/Adultfolio/capturedpose

“Fanny’s luxury, reclusive home really is the ideal place to host for some fun & kinky entertainment! Fanny is a beautiful, petite lady with a subtle, sexy French accent. She is a great communicator and makes you feel very welcomed and relaxed in her presence. I had an amazing & naughty time with her and will be looking to book again!” June 2020/Stefan

"met Fanny last sat wow wow.....a totaly natural woman who knows how to make a man happy ....from the off things were so unrushed .....if u get the chance this lady you wont regret it ..!!....oh and makes a blinding cupa to .....Thanx hun see u again soon.xx" July 2020/AW/papillion31

"Well where do I start... Fanny welcomed me into her beautiful home, the perfect location for fun. This lady is classy, pretty & extremely naughty, she doesn’t disappoint & knows how to take a fist like pro and exploring each other more. Until next time... xx" July2020/Coral (as part of a foursome 2 girls/2 guys)

"So my 1st thoughts when seeing this amazing lady was wow, super sexy eyes and smile. She met us as the door wearing a small black dress, the thought of taking it off got me truly excited as I imagined what was underneath. She then led us in to what can only be described as a swingers paradise, so that’s what this beautiful home is now knows as. We spent a few hours drinking, flirting, and getting to know each other. The sexual tension grow until it was to much for us to handle, this greedy girl grabbed to closest cock she could find, I watched in ore as she expertly worked this lucky guys cock, dribbling all over it with that naughty little look in her eyes. We all played together, then it was my turn, the thought of this beauties mouth being around my cock had been driving mr crazy all evening but the time was finally here, she looked at me dead In my eyes as she took hold of my throbbing cock, she then spits on it working it with her hands and mouth while all the time giving the sexiest little moan showing how much she was enjoying herself. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed her hair and started pushing my cock in to her throat until every inch had gone, such amazing skills."July2020/Reece (as part of a foursome 2 girls/2 guys)

"I recently met with this great looking woman, pictures are 100% accurate.
2 hrs flew past as we had a naughty afternoon of fun, Fanny is very enthusiastic, knows what she likes and was a great host. Already rebooked for second meet and I am sure we will get to try a few other things we didn’t manage this time." July2020/AW/Andmac1971

"I visited Fanny at her home. It’s a secluded and private house which was spotlessly clean. All allowing for some serious fun.
Fanny is a warm, welcoming and very accommodating host. Her pre meet communications are excellent and allows for the meet to just flow naturally.
My experience was a very energetic one. She take time and pride and making sure your satisfied and very much looked after.
Highly recommended." August2020/AW/Loiner52

"First time seeing Fanny and booked for 2 hours. The Initial comms were great, told her exactly what I was after and wow did she deliver. Fanny’s really well organised and knew exactly what she was doing.
When I arrived, Fanny was dressed precisely how asked and somehow, she looks even better than her photos. Was offered a drink on arrival before we moved onto all the usual stuff. Fanny really doesn't hold back, she knows how to please! As her profile says, she is pretty much up for everything and was accommodating to all my requests.
Personality wise, Fanny is really easy to talk to and a good laugh as well. Her house made the whole experience even better, which as her profile says is a ‘woodland retreat’ and is quite simply amazing. Fanny certainly did not watch the clock, we even went a little bit over time.
Other than say I can't really put into words how good Fanny is, is that I can't recommend Fanny highly enough! Hope to see you again soon x" July2020/AW/chance2000

"Well what can I say about this amazing classy lady . Was one of my most memorable and fun nights ever . Shes hot shes kinky and she loves a good session . We was drinking and fucking all night .please guys treat this lady great. She has high demands too so no two minute ppl . Until next time beautiful." June2020/ Mr diz

"Thank you for a lovely time. You are something else beautiful!" June2020/JD

"Wow, this lady doesn`t hold back, sexy, horny as hell, full of lust, and those cum to fuck me eyes she has, what an experience, the house was amazing, great country retreat, very private, clean, I loved it. I will be back, maybe next time for some morning sex. xxx Thank you Fanny you are amazing" August2020/AW/Tonto49

"Monday morning was fantastic x your certainly one of the most
Amazingly talented young ladies i have ever had the pleasure of.
And your very easy to be with and just relax .
I,d like to have some more fun with you in September" August2020/AW/bigm21

"The house is set in a secluded woodland setting with easy parking; it is spacious and clean with a private veranda overlooking the garden. Fanny was very welcoming and dressed as requested. We agreed a scenario prior to meeting which she more than willingly enacted which included both domination and humiliation. She is both highly attractive with a beautiful face, readily aroused nipples, a sensous trimmed fanny invitingly leading to 2 welcoming holes. A truly submissive lady who deserves to be used with understanding and respect." August

"Spent 2 hours with this young lady and all I can say is wow! Fanny is insatiably gorgeous. Was made to feel welcome from start to finish and makes a lovely cup of tea. Comms with Fanny was brilliant. She was easy to talk to and the girl has some skills in the bedroom which I will explore again...
Her accommodation is stunning - clean, tidy and was able to use the bathroom to freshen up. Thanks again Fanny for an awesome and memorable time. I will be booking again soon xxxxxxxxxxx" August2020/AW/Peeweefin

X Fanny

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