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Username: GoddessNicole
First name: GoddessNicole
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Location: n/a
Height: n/a
Bust size: n/a
Hourly rate: £150
Available for: n/a
AdultWork profile: n/a
Website: Yes
Phone: 07724798686

About GoddessNicole

Hello, we are offering a Double Feet Feast night. We are in love with foot worship and we are wanting to crank it up by inviting you to have dinner with us... but with a twist. Our feet will be your plate. Bring your food to us and don't forget dessert!
Your feet feast is here.
Food we love to have on our feet:
Custard, peas, spaghetti, ice cream, sauces, strawberries, chocolate and lots ots more.
Come dine with Jessica and Nicole's feet tonight.

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