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Jessica and Mikky Ip

Username: JessicaTv MikkyfemaleDominatrices
First name: Jessica & Mikky
Gender: Couple
Age: 51
East of England
Area: Suffolk
Location: Ipswich
Height: 5'10"
Bust size: 36E
Hourly rate: £150
Available for: Incalls
AdultWork profile: Yes
Website: n/a
Phone: n/a

About Jessica and Mikky Ip

Availability Fridays from 7 pm - 2am
Saturday 3 pm - 3am only
WhatsApp app only state in 1st message Adult seek and hours, service you may need.

Hot & Stunning Duo
J(50) & M(45)
Age is just a number when you are you're Exquisite, sexy and our gorgeousness knows no bounds.
Dare to stare & fall in love.
Mistress Jessica Dominatrix (Transvestite hubby)
Mistress Mikky(Female wife )
Both Embracing Femininity and Power.
Stilettos, boots, and stockings fanatics.
Strict. Unyielding. Unapologetic.
Mistress Jessica
Mistress Mikky
Unveiling the world of tantalising and Dominatrices exquisite glamour.
Two Dominatrices, alluring and unapologetically self-assured.
Highly coveted and divinely fierce, we are the dynamic duo who will make your fantasies come alive.
I,Jessica, am a breathtaking dominatrix Transvestite standing tall at 5ft 10 (without my stilettos).
My companion is my dominance, Mikky, is a power-charged dominatrix FEMALE who stands at a petite 5ft 5 (heels not included).
Always dressed to kill in luscious lace stockings, tantalising suspenders, and our worshipped stilettos, we're here for you to indulge in our alluring allure.
Our killer stilettos, heels and boots are ready for you to behold our divine, stocking-clad legs, yearning for YOUR adoration.
Riveted in confidence, brimming with self-awareness, we command the room and our submissives with an unmatchable sense of power.
We take pleasure in your gratification.
Our confidence isn’t just skin deep. It orbits around every curve and contour of our bodies - radiating an aura of domination.
You are summoned to admire every millimetre of us, from our intimidating stilettoes/Boots to our stocking clad legs onto our smooth intimate parts to our pert derrieres to our curvaceous sexy torsos.
Savor Mikky's sumptuous breasts & Jessicca's sensitive nipples leading to our divine and kissable red lipsticked lips, that you will only savour when you have earned the right to kiss?
Find us, the duo of desire, ruling your dreams and our domain with beauty, dominance, and confidence. We command your lust and submission for your gratification if we allow and our pleasure.
We love indulging our wicked sense of humour by witnessing the delights of submissive souls in their ecstatic dance into the realms of pleasure and pain. But don’t fret, we also possess a nurturing side to guide the timid beginners on a tantalizing journey to ecstasy.
So let us tailor-make BDSM journey for you from the mild to the hardcore wild, fulfilling your every fantasy.
Don't shy away from sharing your most daring fantasies so we can design bespoke services that cater to your specific desires, or if you are an experienced Submissive or not and know what you crave please tell your Mistresses so we can make your cravings come true as you so richly deserve.
We relish the fun that springs from playful domination with submissive men, bisexual men, women, bisexual women, couples, bisexual couples, cross-dressers, trans, and sissies.
We are looking for playmates that are regular or not that are Submissive or wanting to experience a journey of self-enlightenment,
self-belief and belonging.
We cater for the following:
women,bi women,couples,
bi couples, crossdressers,bi couples with T.v partner,
transvestites, sissies are all welcomed and men, on the other site so you can start your exciting journey of orgasmic experiences to the darkest corners of your mind leading to self-awareness of yourself and what you truly are, enjoy the exploration of us and yourself.
We will use readily at our disposal a vast array of tried and tested tools and techniques.
Spanking | Crops | Whips | Canes in impact play and being restricted and restrained | Collars | Cuffs | Ankle cuffs | Rope | Wax | Sensual games | Ball gags | Chains | Blindfolded games | Masks | Photos | Videos, to name but a few.
Exploring erotic territories | Wanking | Kissing | Rewards | Kink | Fetishes | Feet worship | Heel worship | Stockings worship | Degrading | Humiliating | Edge play |
Oral | Deep throat | Face sitting | Face fucking |Pussy licking | Fingering | SEX | Toys | STRAP-ON | DILDOS | VIBRATORS | Anal | G spot vibes | Orgasms | ruined orgasms, all to place you the submissive on the edge of pleasure and pain.
Consider us your source of all your sensory delights.
Or for the more adventurous or harden
would you dare take a trip to our favourite tools, the fuck bench/exposure bench, or be caged in our cage & dare you ask for our fuck machine to be let loose on you whilst you are stocked or spread by our bespoke made wrought iron stocks or spreaders with spider gag in place just to see you drool uncontrollably while the machine is ramped in speed for our amusement watching you go deeper in yourself realising what you become an owned submissive
Dare you add to your playtime a dose of spiced Humiliation, calculated Degradation, mastered Edge play, and heighten every experience and sense in enjoying blindfolding and masks whilst we explore your body and getting you to the places you only thought were imagined leaving you at our feet so you can worship our heels, & stockings kissing, licking professing your devotion, your sub servitude and loyalty to us you’re mistresses.
Begging us,to our amusement that you need cum or to cum on us,over our heels or stockings or in our mouths so we can tease you by playing with your cum and spitting back in your own mouth, watching you begging us to kiss us finally on our sensual lipsticked lips, so we can all taste the that lovely orgasmic juice we extracted from you.
Do we reward you or do we leave you a quivering mess on the floor or in your cage.
Have you've earned it? Through your obedience and gratification?
Experience ultimate domination in our world.
After the play, don't worry, as intense as our adventures can get, aftercare is paramount and never overlooked.
As physical and emotional exhaustion will drop you but be prepared for ultimate physical and emotional reassurance once we have discussed and consented/agreed to our scene.
Consent is the cornerstone of all interactions.
Serious pleasure-seekers only!
We are your Domina’s.
Your Mistresses.
Your Bosses.
Your Bitchs.
Will you rise to worship us?
Will you fall under our spell?
Surrender yourself to us and open our Pandora's box of pleasure’s.
Pleasure is our game.
Rates displayed Is for both of us a Dominatrices.
Jessica does do this alone to as a Dominatrix and also as a Gf experience/slut .please enquire for thes rates for our time.


Make over is the rates displayed with both of us at just for make over anything else added in make over will be discussed and priced accordingly for out time this is with both of us
Mistresses Jessica & Mikky have got you.
Welcome to a home where you can let your inner sissies/cd/tv and unique identities shine.
We are to help you shape your fantasies into reality.
If you're a curious newbie or a seasoned veteran, this is the place for you!
We specialize in offering Bespoke Makeover Services for all the wannabe Cd/Tv's out there and those wanting to explore further who they really are.
We understand that every individual's journey is different so we are devoted to providing a service tailored specifically for YOU.
So, step right in without any hesitation and start to experience the life you always dreamed of.
Still deciding?
No pressure!
Take your time and kindly read through the rest of our profile for more details. And remember, we're here to make this fantasy a thrilling and heartwarming journey just for you x
Shaping your dreams, one makeover at a time.
Still interested you naughty little girl?
Of course you are.
So whether you are on a journey of self-expression and self-love?
Or maybe just looking for a safe space where you can let loose, experiment, and explore? With us girls.
Well, you've stumbled upon the right corner of the profile.
Trust us, we've all felt that innermost desire. That longing to transform into the classy, gorgeous woman we've always wanted to be. Sometimes we yearn to be the timid one, the shy wallflower.
Or maybe more daring, embracing the sassy sluty and unapologetic side.
If you're here in the realm of crossdressing, or you're possibly in the transvestite stage, or simply want to indulge in being a playful sissy for a little while, you're among friends here.
We understand that craving for acceptance, expression, and sometimes...a little release.
This is that safe haven where you can be you, with us girls.
Remember, you're beautiful, brave, and awesome just as you are!
Whether your style is just pure lingerie & relax or fun, or to the full glam/ sultry/ sluty makeovers where you can luxuriate in your feminine side with unhurried service from consultation, being made smooth part/fully or just certain areas.
To prep, make up lingerie/clothing/wigs to somevfun girl time with us sipping Prosseco listening to music, dancing, more prosecco's and just have fun with us girls, in our play/bar/ make over area.
Or would you want to delve into the more darker side of yourself when made up as a gorgeous woman and be the slut you always have craved to be and be dominated by your Mistresses and serve us the slut you are,the choice is yours.
All services have different hours attached so please enquire, pictures, videos can also be organised for your profiles on here, social media or for the more adventurous girl porn avenues or just pics/videos of your sexy inner girl being Dominanted/used by your Mistresses.
Professionalism is our mantra.
Your secrets are safe with us
Feel free to step into our wonderland at any time
Our makeover & ecort-services can be found on another site, so please ask for details so we can direct you to the site.
(No information about services offered will be divulged on here at all, all you will receive is a link, but if you are interested still face pictures are required on here)
If we are meeting just women, couples, Tvs ormf say sexual persuasion for meetings or that discerning Gentlemen for escort-services or makeover services all of which our residence will provide a personal getaway, redefining comfort, discretion in every way.
Off-road parking.
Discreet location.
Enjoy comfortable surroundings with unmatched discretion you can rely on.
Separate areas designated for play, makeovers, and a bar/music area, ensuring there's something for all tastes.
Step into our safe space, where comfort and ease reign supreme.
Your high-end haven awaits you at our discreet home...
#Comfort #Safety #Privacy #LuxuryLiving

DM for sessions or inquiries
18+ Only
All or nothing and a Splash of love.
Jessica can work alone too as A Dominatrix or your Gf/slut.
But for make over is the rates displayed with both of us at just for make over anything else added in make over will be discussed and priced accordingly for out time this is with both of us
Please enquire
X J & M X

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Jessica and Mikky Ip of Suffolk
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Jessica and Mikky Ip of Suffolk
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Jessica and Mikky Ip of Suffolk
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