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Username: majestyflair
First name: Majesty Flair
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Location: Brighton
Height: 5’3”
Bust size: 36DD
Hourly rate: Β£333
Available for: Incalls
AdultWork profile: n/a
Website: Yes
Phone: 07593119669

About Majesty

I am BLACK & ASIAN. πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡«

Absolute Bitchy Witchy Queen, ready to hex your soul 😈 So treat me with a modicum of respect before I crush your self-worth. I am your Enchantress. I am your Supreme. I am your Dictator & Dominatrix of your Dreams. I am your OWNER & your will to survive! πŸ’‹
Allow me to become your obsession, and I will take over your mind and drive you wild with desire.
🫢🏽 Pan Poly & Proud 🫢🏽
πŸ‘‘ Know that I am your Queen - treat me with a modicum of respect. You live to serve & send. You are weak to your carnal desires, and I will ensure you are begging to surrender your will. Your ❀ pumps for my Domination. You yearn to be Dominated by your Superior. You will be under my CONTROL. Your ONLY Majesty! There’s just nothing I can’t make you do. I will think for you so you don't have to. All you must do is be a mindless, horny slut, at my mercy. πŸ‘‘
I'll lock you up and keep the key, and you'll surrender your body and mind to my dominance. You won't be a man until you submit to My power & authority. Let's explore the depths of submission together, and I'll take you to new heights of pleasure and release.

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Majesty of East Sussex
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Majesty of East Sussex
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Majesty of East Sussex
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