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Username: zan1000
First name: Zan
Gender: Male
Age: 40
North West
Area: Manchester
Location: Manchester
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 19st 2lbs
Hourly rate: £150
Available for: Outcalls
AdultWork profile: n/a
Website: n/a
Phone: 07980736095

About Zan


My Name is Zanthi, But call me Zan, I'm British but have an unusual name. It's Greek.

I've always fancied older women and I fancy women of every shape and size.

I'm 34 years old.

Very very discreet regarding my clients who I meet or who I work for.

If we meet in the day time, I would arrive in a new 18 plate car, nothing to flashy. I would be in a suit with an iPad bag, clip board with paper work. It would just look like your getting a quote from a sales executive, regarding insurance etc. So it's doesn't look like some random guy turning up at your house to the neighbours. I'm not a lads lad, I'm not into football etc. I don't get on with men to be honest I much prefer women's company. I'm a big guy, been bodybuilding for over 15 years my weight fluctuates between 18 and 19.2 stone (270 pounds) I'm very nice an friendly, very easy to get on with I like to chat if you'd like to talk. I'm not arrogant in any way, very down to earth, I don't think I'm gods gift to women like a lot of men tend to think. I'm intelligent a very good listener. I'm definitely not pretty boy with plucked eye brows, I'm good looking in a rough and rugged way. I have a skin head which goes better with my job. I'm not going bald though.I live in Manchester but can travel. I do close protection work (personal bodyguard), I work with celebrities and other people who want that type of thing. I work a lot of nights doing my job and travel a lot, within the UK and abroad. I'm a martial arts expert! I can teach you some very good self protection techniques if you'd like.

If you contact me and I don't answer straight away, I'm not being rude I will be busy working or traveling. I'm just trailing this out to see what it's like, never done anything like this before .Unfortunately I'm not always available due to my work commitments though.

Please text to arrange to meet. If you feel we don't get on after 10 mins I will happily leave. I'm a very nice guy though I'm sure we will ? I do out calls only.

I charge £150 for 2 hours. An hour isn't long enough to give you what you need from a male escort, I wouldn't like to be clock watching with you I'd like to give you my full attention, 2 hours we can relax, have a good time. I'm very good at massages if you'd like to unwind.

Thanks for looking at my profile.

Zan x

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